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Professional website needs professional website management

    A poorly maintained website could harm your entire business and you could miss important business opportunities and it can be vulnerable to hacking techniques and breaches. All updates and maintanance are made without causing disruption to your business making your website availabe and secure all the time.

    Website management encompasses various kinds of tasks, including uploading and developing content constantly, ensuring maximum security, supervising the website's functionality, and many others. Each component plays its role in making your website as a role model and generating organic leads. It is a matter of the fact that a website must comprehend several features to fit in the market. Besides, a website manager is responsible for updating software, running security checks and backup action, updating content, etc. To be precise web manager helps to a website to growth flawlessly

uk web site hosting

    What is included in our website management

  • Develop and/or update content
  •     Upgrading navigation, articles, text, images

  • Software Updates
  •     We will ensure that all your plugins are up to date

  • Remove Unused Themes/Plugins
  •     We will check and remove unused theme and plugins from the website

  • Security Checks
  •     We take security very seriously, we scan all websites for malware signatures. If malware is found it is removed immediately

  • SSL Configuration
  •     Secure Strip Layer (SSL/HTTPS) configuration and installation

  • Regular Backups
  •     We will create regular backups in case of a disaster such as hardware failure

  • Report
  •     A monthly report will be delivered

24/7 hosting support
uk web site hosting

Our team is highly trained to work with a wide range of Content Management Systems (CMS) including Drupal, WordPress, Opencart, Magento, and others including static HTML websites that don’t have a CMS.

We are aware that some websites don't require continuous maintenance while others do at unpredictable times, this is why our services are flexible and we can offer monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go website maintenance only when it is needed. Our services do not require any contract and you can opt-out whenever you wish, however, we will appreciate it if you let us know.

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