How to Login to cPanel

To be able to login to your cPanel you will first need to have a hosting package with us, otherwise, you won't be able to login because we only create cPanel account to users that have hosting package and require to have cPanel. If you have a cPanel account you must have received an email with all details how to login and with username and password.


To login to your cPanel account please follow the below steps:

First option:

Let's suppose that your domain name is to be able to access your cPanel you will need to type cPanel in from of your domain like this Once you press Enter you will be redirected to the cPanel login, like it is shown in the below screenshot

cPanel login

Login details have been sent to you over the email that is associated with the account created on our website The Elector If for some reasons you did not receive the login details please contact support as soon as possible.


Second option:

Login to your The Elector account

Once you are logged in in your account click Services

The Elector - services

A list of all your services will be displayed, click on the service that is Active and has your domain name and hosting packages. Click anywhere on the specific bar and you will be redirected to a similar page

hosting packages

As shown bellow where you will find all the details about the specific account.

account details

As shown above, on the left side you can see Login to cPanel click on it and will redirect you to your cPanel login account.


Third option:

Let's suppose that your domain name is to be able to access your cPanel you will need to type your domain as and will redirect you to your cPanel account.

cPanel login



If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is available 24/7 via our Chat or via ticket submission.


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