How to install WordPress using the One-Click Installer

Before doing this make sure that there is nothing in the specific folder where the Wordpress installation will be. If there is please make a copy of it because will be deleted.

Let's start

  1. Login to CPanel
  2. Locate "Softaculous Apps Installer" section, is usually at the bottom of the page
  3. Click on WordPress
  4. Click Install Now


Software Setup
  1. Choose the version you want.
  2. Choose Protocol (If there is an SSL Certificate installed we recommend you choose https:// or https://www.)
  3. Choose domain


Site Settings
  1. Enter Site Name (How you wish to call your website. Can be changed letter from settings )
  2. Enter Site description (Can be changed letter from settings)


Admin Account
  1. Enter Admin Username
  2. Enter Admin Password
  3. Enter Admin Email


Choose Language
Any language you wish.
Select Theme
Select any temple you wish, Can be changed letter from Theme section
And the final step is to click Install. The installation will take around one minute and after that two links with the login will be provided.
Login to your Wordpress admin panel (
If you need any help please contact support
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