Machine Learning and Search Engine Optimization


What is Machine Learning?

In simple words, machine learning is the science of using computers to produce a more effective web search. In machine learning, humans are allowing a machine to analyze their data and the pattern of this given data to improve future searches.


How does machine learning predict search?

Think of it as Artificial Intelligence that is using a machine to learn the quicker, more efficient way, to fulfill the needs of its users. Machine learning can help you become more target-oriented towards users. It also helps you better understand users' needs and offer the results which are more suitable.


To quote Wil Renolds, ask yourself, “What would happen if Google improved to just showing the best answer?”


Showing the best answer is not that easy. Because different people perceive every response differently. You might ask how it can be different. Well, let me ask you this. Do you like learning from video instructions or reading a PDF? Your answer can be PDF, but someone else might like the videos more. Well, the problem doesn’t stop here as it will get more complicated if we take it as task-dependent. For example, sometimes you’d like to learn from audio/video aids while working in your kitchen, the other time you might want to read it from PDF. Now you get the idea that the “best” might depend on a whole array of factors related to a user’s personal preference and the situation in-hand. You see, this can’t be programmed by some human, but a machine can. Take the example of Google. It is already using machine learning to carry out searches and it is reaching a 99.9% success rate.


Google enhances its data accumulation, interpretation, and reaction speed by using the GNMT system (Google Neural Machine Translation system). When you use machine learning to predict search, you don’t have to create lists of quality sites, program-specific characteristics, or devaluate false positives. With the help of machine learning, these tedious tasks will become much simpler for you.



How Machine Learning Impacts Contents?

In this brave new world, we have to compete with machines in giving users the information they need and fulfill their intent. We can only do it if we are aware of machine learning. Because it is going to have a huge impact on the contents. The goal is to make the content easy to understand, easy to access, and easy to interpret. People who subscribe to the Search engine optimization (SEO) approach are now eating the fruit of their hard work as compared to others.

Machines are smart, we know that. They are working in a much smarter way to understand their visitors. Only by understanding their visitors, they will be able to figure out ways to provide them with their required information. Your goal should be the same. Why? because SEO is rapidly changing with advancements in machine learning. Things are not staying the same; they are going to change. Make sure you also change with it. Be more professional in using your SEO tactics and strategies. You will need to view keywords with the intent that they make an impact rather than being a blunt instrument on a page.


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