What Is Reselling Hosting?


If you are a web designer, a developer with skills to manage clients or even a fresh tech graduate looking for an industry with huge potential, reseller web hosting is a great option. It can become a full-time earning source or you can also start it as a value-added service. Most importantly, it is quite easy to start reselling web hosting.


Before diving into the process of reselling, it is very pertinent to know what it means by reselling web hosting.


Reselling Web Hosting

Besides secretly working with the original hosting providing company, you can be a hosting provider, like running your own agency.


The ability of a web hosting account holder to use his allocated hard-disk space and bandwidth for hosting the webpages of any third-party is called ‘reseller web hosting’.


In the process, a certain part of hard-disk space and the bandwidth is assigned to the reseller account.


Reselling shared web-host services refer to the process of permission granted by the seller to sell a specific volume of hard-disk space and bandwidth to their clients, that they opted for a reseller account.


Why should you be a reseller?

One of the obvious reasons to be a reseller of web hosting is generating recurring revenue for you or your agency. Besides the economical profits, you can also produce multiple other benefits like time-saving and ease of controlling all the clients from the same host. If you are interested to grow and strengthen your agency, you have to opt for the idea of reselling web host.


How do I start reselling?

Web host reselling is always an additional plan for all the existing packages of your agency. To execute a reselling plan, you just need to follow the following steps:


Choose a reseller web hosting partner

To trust blindly can end up in frustrations, therefore, you have to look for a trustworthy host who could understand the demand for the reseller and agency model. Additionally, that host must be a helping hand in the achievement of your revenue goal. The right host partnering will optimize your job along with the acquisition of your clients’ satisfaction.


How much does reseller cost

This depends on your needs, let's supposed that you just starting into reselling hosting and you don't want to spend too much money until you get some clients. We have your back, for only £4.99 per month and with £0.99 first month you can start your own reselling hosting that gives you the ability to upgrade while you grow. There is no point to pay a lot of money when for the services you won't use, all our packages include 30 days money back.

Below you can see or cPanel reseller and DirectAdmin reseller program prices:


cPanel reseller hosting

cPanel reseller hosting



DirectAdmin reseller hosting

DirectAdmin reseller hosting


Build a better hosting service package

To earn the trust of your clients, you have to exhibit empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of your clients. You have to imagine what features and packages you expect from the host at the time of purchasing any service.


Pricing and billing system

To maintain the smooth running of your agency, you ought to configure a fair system for billing and pricing. Additional packages can be helpful in this regard. Hidden charges for any service can frustrate your clients. The notification system must be clear and accessible to all the clients.


Customer Support

It is of great importance to earn the clients’ trust and belief in your services. For that purpose, you always have to take the first step of the right and trustworthy host very seriously. For instance, if your clients face any problem in your hosting, they will be calling you at the very next moment. Therefore, being there to resolve issues right away will grow loyal clients for you and we recommend you to be active 24/7 for your client's needs.

In general, web-hosting firms offer web hosting as an add-on facility such as free website builder, free SSL Certificates...etc. The reseller web hosting is an economical strategy for website hosting businesspersons to start a firm. Nevertheless, web-hosting is one of the largest businesses in the online world and a huge number of websites are residing on their hosts to maintain their online existence.




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