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Because the right domain name will assist you to target your audience and step-up the search engine placement. The selection of a domain name is not just the selection of a naming word, but it’s an important decision for your online existence. Moreover, the internet accessing the scheme is not effective without a domain name. For both present and future, your domain name delivers your audience; a sense of your business and subject matter.


Here are five important tips that will help you out while choosing the right domain name.


1. Research and discover

Up to an extent, the process of finding a domain name requires exploration and research. First of all, compare your website with other similar sites and check domain names in the competition. Use your keywords, and suggested domain name using search tools. This basic homework will help you to merge the nature of your business into your domain name.


2. Choose an easy domain name

Easy and simple domain names are relaxed to type. Easy names are easy to remember. Avoid odd names, numbers, and manifold hyphens. Words with two or more spellings make confusion for the users. If there is a case like more than one spelling, go for the purchase of both versions and direct your clients to the one you like the most. Avoid cryptic names that become difficult for people to remember. The name should be understandable and easy to remember for the local audience as well as for non-native users. Longer names provide chances of a misspelling of the name. You can put some creative tactics, for instance, putting an adjective or verb with a single word, if it's not available alone.


Always keep in mind!

Your domain name is an important part of the brand you have, presenting your business, and delivering concepts to the people about your business.


3. Choose the common most extension

Numerous domain names end in different extensions like, .net, .website, .site, .store, .org, .com etc. Many a time the audience considers the domain extension to be .com. Therefore, choosing the common most domain extension is a better choice.other domain names to register



4. Avoid similarly domain names

There could be just a variation of similar names like choosing a plural domain name if the singular is taken. For example, choosing pictures.net if picture.net is not available.

A better choice is using an article or preposition instead. Although, the use of the hyphen is not motivated, however, choosing a hyphenated domain name is better than choosing a plural word.


5. Search your domain name on social media platforms

When you have selected a domain name, you must search it on social media platforms. See how many people are connected to this word (in any way). Understand the relationship of your audience to the name. Choosing a domain name that is associated with the feelings of hate is surely a name not to go for. This can help you in long term business decisions.


One of the most common questions arises when working on Search Engine Optimisation is:

Does a domain name matter for SEO?

The answer is obvious:



Once you have successfully chosen the domain name, the next step is to get web hosting. We provide cheap and affordable web hosting packages for small and growing websites

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