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Web hosting is one of the most essential elements in running our online world. But, it wasn't easy to manage a website. Hundreds of lines of code were required to make even small changes. Not only it required a certain level of technical skills, but it also consumed time. Plus, the single error in code would end up in futile effort.


However, the current development of control panels has really made managing web hosting easier. Control panels allow you to carry out the following functions using a simple GUI:

  • Administration of account

  • Managing domains

  • Providing One-Click installations

  • Managing emails

  • Managing FTP and database

  • Backups


In this regard we have two main options:

  1. cPanel

  2. DirectAdmin



Starting off with cPanel. It's a Linux-based control panel that has simplified web hosting through its rich features and intuitive graphical user interface. cPanel was launched in 1996 and since then, it has been one of the top choices for the administration of web hosting.


cPanel feautures


cPanel comes with a lot of features, however, there are some caveats as well.


Let's discuss it's Pros and Cons


Pros of cPanel

  • Domain management through both simple and advance DNS Zone Editors lets you identify your sites easily. Set up subdomains, parked, and add-on domains to redirect your visitors where you want them to be.

  • Create email accounts, manage them through filtering, use cPanel email lists and send your word out.

  • Third-party apps which allow you to make various types of site-building easy and dynamic.

  • Protect your websites using cPanel security settings. Set up a password on directories, restrict access through GnuPG Key settings, secure sites using Leech Protect, HotLink Protection, and ModSecurity.

  • FTP and backup options

  • Track the performance of your websites.

  • Comes with two interfaces: for end-users and hosting providers (WHM)

  • Compatible with all browsers.

  • Easily upgrade storage and bandwidth to accommodate huge traffic smoothly.


Cons of cPanel

  • It is a bit costly compared to other control panels on the market which is a problem for small firms.

  • It asks for consent whenever you want to access new files which are time-consuming.

  • Frequent updates carry a risk of data loss or overwriting active settings.



DirectAdmin is a web-based hosting control panel that allows users to manage tons of websites easily through its simple user interface. It is a relatively low cost, comparing to cPanel.

DirectAdmin feautures


Let's discuss both Pros and Cons of DirectAdmin:


Pros of DirectAdmin

  • It has 3 user levels: Admin, Reseller, and user. Using a plug-in (free), you can have a forth user for emails only.

  • Easy to use the control panel.

  • DirectAdmin hosting allows you to create and manage email accounts easily.

  • Automatically recovers from crashes to reduce website downtime.

  • Easy management of FTP (backup and restore).

  • DNS management (create, modify, or delete records)

  • View the performance of websites, understand the statistics.

  • Easy to use and efficient file manager.

  • Easy management of MySQL Databases.

  • Password protection to secure directories.

  • Low cost.


Cons of DirectAdmin

  • There is no Windows OS support.

  • Lack of advanced features (stagging support or clustering).

  • Lack of using third-party add-ons.



Finally, I would like to mention that the decision of which one to choose is solely based on users. If you can pay more and wish for more features, cPanel is a go-to option. If you want basic features at the best price, DirectAdmin is a better choice.


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