How to create a full backup in cPanel

What is backup in cPanel?

Backup is a complete copy of all your website files, emails, databases etc... If you ever think of changing your website to another hosting provider, then you would be able to use that backup to move your website as long as the new location is using the cPanel system. Keep in mind that You cannot restore full backups through your cPanel interface.

The Elector automatically creates daily Backups as Standard option, all of our hosting accounts come with fully automated backups with the ability to restore directly from within cPanel, however before modifying any file on your website we recommend you to create a full backup that is download to your own hard drive in case something goes wrong during the changes.

How to create a full backup in cPanel

Login to cPanel account.

Log in to cPanel


Once you logged in, locate FILES section and look for Backup

Create a backup in cPanel


Once you click on Backup a similar screen will be displayed

Full backup in cPanel

To create a Full backup click on Download Full Account Backup


Now is time to generate a Full Backup, select Home Directory and enter an email address that will notify you when the backup is completed, otherwise select Do not send an email notification of backup completion. Click Generate Backup

Generate a Full Backup in cPanel


The following message shows that the Backup is in progress...

Cpanel Full Backup in Progress

Click Go Back to be able to monitor the status of the generation progress

This will take several minutes, depending on your account size, it may take a while for the backup to be generated. An email will be sent over the email once the backup is completed if it were selected.

cPanel backup completed

The above screenshot shows a complete backup marked in BLUE, once is clicked will automatically start downloading the backup to your computer.


If you think that you are not able to create a backup or you just want to make sure you did it properly please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be to create it for you. Our team is available 24/7 via our Chat or via ticket submission.

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