About Us

Learn more about who we are and what we do

Find out more About Our Company and what we do

We provide a range of hosting solutions to a global client base and have built a reputation of quality and reliability

What products/services do we provide?

The Elector is an Enterprise Hosting Solutions which provides hosting services to numerous companies around the world. We provide a various range of services such as: Shared Hosting, Domain Names, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Hybrid Private Servers, SSL Certificates, Website Design, Integration, Scanning and securing any website/server from Malware/Viruses.

How long have we been in business?

The Elector has been incorporated in 2015 and since then we try our best to make our clients happy.

Our primary data center located in Manchester, UK.

Find out what our Award Winning Philosophy means for your business

As a market leading hosting provider it is important to us that our success is built upon the success of our clients





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